Sela Cajon


Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be saying this: I’m now a very happy endorser of @selacajon!!! (and I say this with utmost pride for the company of passionate drum makers I’m representing)

Many of you would have known my arduous journey with the cajon: having to stop gigging due to back injuries, changing drum after drum, learning and relearning new techniques. After healing my back, I decided to focus on the cajon as my main instrument; hoping to conquer it and the fear it brought after the injury. Somehow, I stumbled across Sela’s cajon and the drum supported my journey like a true partner.

Traditional flamenco playing does not require as much bass tones as compared to today’s gigs, so getting a drum with high placement for bass tones is a huge advantage! Also, snare strings are hardier than guitar strings, especially good in our climate or during air travel and at custom points! To find a cajon that has these elements AND still sounds kickass, it’s not easy; I can’t say how thankful I am to Sela for making such drums, much less for making me an endorser of these awesome sounding drums.

So please check them out, go try their drums, (it’s fun to build as well!) and I hope you find as much joy as I do in playing them. xxx

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Cajon covers:


A little casual interview video I did with Sela Cajon:

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