It was at the age of 13 that Serena fell in love with anything percussive when she first joined the military band in school.  Since then, she has taken part in countless performances with symphonic bands and chamber ensembles, especially percussion ensembles.  In her early days, Serena shared the stage with veteran singer Frances Yip in concert with the Mus’Art Wind Orchestra, and was involved in the official opening performances of the Esplanade and The Arts House with the Mus’Art Percussion Club. During this time, her own composition “Cadillac Hotel” was frequently part of the club’s repertoire for various shows.  After obtaining a distinction in her Grade 8 ABRSM Classical Percussion, she was invited to perform her timpani pieces which garnered full marks, at the ABRSM High Scorer’s Concert in 2004.

Subsequently Serena continued to perform in different orchestral and chamber settings including Re:mix in Concert, YST Conservatory Recitals and NAFA Percussion Recitals.  In 2008 and 2009, she joined the Singapore Pop Orchestra for their annual Soundwaves productions; a show celebrating the uniqueness of Singapore’s multiracial culture.

Most recently, Serena had the honour of working with many local and international artistes in the musical The Lion King, featuring a star-studded cast from South Africa and London’s West End.  Playing the part of a staged percussionist in the balcony was an integral part of the show, a brilliant opportunity for Serena to combine her passion in afro-cuban percussion with her orchestral background, fusing together musicianship, showmanship and theatrics.