Electronic music has provided a platform for numerous collaborations with a huge assortment of artistes and DJs.  Top weapons of choice would be the bongos or the djembe, which Serena constantly explores with the endless genres in electronic music from commercial house to minimal techno.  DJs she has worked with include Fred E, KFC, Kimberly S (us), Darren Emerson (uk), Leonard T and Brendon P.

One of Serena’s collaborations was with the very talanted DJ Kavan Spruyt, who was featured on LUSH 99.5FM’s Clubscape with X’Ho.  The following is the DJ set of that collaboration on the show, featuring only tracks produced by Singaporeans.  In this set, Serena explored with a variety of percussive tools besides the bongos including windchimes, cymbals, shakers and a cajonito.

Believing that drumming and happiness should always be in line, the motivation in Serena’s sets is to see the dancefloor fill up with shuffling feet, lost in the music and her beats.  The djembe being a celebratory drum in its traditional setting, is always perfect for that.  Here is an excerpt of a collaboration set on the djembe, where she fuses traditional african rhythms with modern house music.