Acoustic Band

Serena started playing the cajon with her now defunct acoustic band Anything Goes in 2005.  Although mainly a cover band, they would make each song uniquely different from its original by changing the arrangement, and hence was invited to perform for several “Esplanade Presents” series.  Serena has since worked on many different genres on the cajon ranging from jazz to poprock, with different bands and artistes including Tay Kexin, 53A, Jack and Rai, The Goodfellas, Ethnicity and the Caravan Jazz Band.

Cajon videos are HERE and HERE on the site.

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Below are cover videos on YouTube. Keyboards, bass and all other parts features the musical genius Bryan Tay.  Bryan and Serena are a  duo who frequently backs different singers.


Still 11
Santa Baby – A Christmas Cover by Kexin, Bryan & Serena
Try x All of Me MashUp – Cover by Kexin, Clarence and Serena